Yes, They’re Real III released

When this project started in 2010, no one knew that it would make it to a third volume. Along the way, a handful of people have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. Mark Ari, for his workshops and all the wisdom he’s bestowed on us over the years, he is truly one of the best mentors writers like us could hope to have. Betsy Nies, for her absolute kindness in helping with the Volume II reading on campus. And all of the other Student Writers that took the workshops along side us, your stories inspired us and your critiques gave us the creativity to move forward. As this series comes to an end, we can only wish that we’re fortunate enough to continue the friendships we’ve made as life inevitably moves on.

The final volume in a series of creative nonfiction, Yes, They’re Real III features four all-new stories from writers at UNF. Completed during the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 workshops, the stories What IsMemoirs and MatchsticksComic Relief and Love Synthesizer conclude the author’s vision of what creative nonfiction can be.

Read Volume III in Kindle eBook format.


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